Do we need another film awards show? The short answer: Absolutely!

Independent filmmaking belongs to an ecosystem that is in constant flux and renewal and while its passionate artists continue to surpass the challenges of the medium by producing groundbreaking works with limitless creative instincts, we find that there is an unequivocal void, a marginalization and a stagnation in the awards season landscape when it comes time to celebrate and pay tribute to the craftsmanship, the bold technicians and diverse voices of this industry. The American Independent Film Awards (AIFAs) is an annual ceremony to champion current, former and future pioneers in the industry by honoring the previous calendar year in micro-budget American independent cinema.

The most commonly used term to describe independent cinema is: a film that was produced outside the studio system. Misappropriated, misused, mislabeled, and all too encompassing, the AIFA strives to root the term “indie” to core values, economy of means and more authentic definition: an independently financed and produced film that reflects the creative conditions and budget parameters, and represents the diverse (majority) community at large. In essence, films, filmmakers and crews deserve to be included in a conversation that is engaging, not enraging.

Our Mission

The American Independent Film Awards is a non-profit organization, year-long commitment and kick-ass award season show where race, socio-economic status, gender, language, religion and/or sexual orientation aren’t ghettoized. Its principal goal is to forge a connection between the community of creators and those who facilitate and support the process: film festival curators, critics and the movie-going public at large. In essence, a three-way relationship and continuous dialogue. We inaugurate our mission with digital editions for years 1 and 2.